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About me

My name is Andrea Binello, I am 40 years old and I live in Italy in a small town near Turin.

I am a professional software/web/Java developer with many years (15+) of experience in the computer science field. Since late 2008 I work as Java developer for a company in Turin.

In 1992 I have got a diploma in “electronics” (italian title: “Perito Elettronico”) and in the subsequent years I have also got 2 professional qualifications, recognized by Piedmont region, obtained from CSEA under the following titles:

  • Technician of Motorola/Intel microprocessor systems
    (italian title: “Tecnico di sistemi a microprocessore Motorola/Intel”)
  • Technician designer of applications on microprocessor systems
    (italian title: “Tecnico progettista di applicazioni su sistemi a microprocessore”)

For many years I have worked as “C” language developer but after 7~8 years I have started to feel me a bit limited about this language and also about the very small company where I worked.

In 2006 I became interested in the world of Java and I have started a long and serious personal course of study to learn this language. Since the beginning I had in mind to acquire a good and solid knowledge of Java and to get also some professional certifications, with the aim to become more “interesting” in the job world. I think to have perfectly reached these objectives!

Through my personal studies I have so far achieved 2 professional certifications from Sun Microsystems (now Oracle):

  • SCJP 5 (“Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0”), exam CX-310-055, score 91%
  • SCWCD 5 (“Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5”), exam CX-310-083, score 94%

My professional interest is to continue to occupy myself, if possible, primarily of Java, in order to grow and acquire more and more skills in this field and ... why not, try to achieve additional certifications from Oracle (given the results so far, as they say, “the appetite comes with eating”!).

About my skills

I have so many skills that I have created a specific page for this. Please, see the Skills page.

About this site

This is not my first web site but it's the first that is developed using Java technologies and is deployed on a professional Tomcat hosting.

For this web site I have used the Spring Framework, a very powerful, modern and interesting framework, along with other well known libraries like Apache Tiles, JSTL, JavaMail and others (see the complete list of libraries).

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